Accuweb Hosting [Review 2022]

Do you need Accuweb Hosting? Accuweb Hosting is a web hosting company that offers affordable and reliable business web hosting. This article will answer some of the most common questions about Accuweb Hosting review.

What is AccuWeb hosting?

Accuweb Hosting is a web hosting company that offers affordable and reliable business web hosting. AccuWeb Hosting started in 2003, which makes it one of the oldest companies on this list. AccuuHosting was bought by Bluehost in 2014 but still operates independently (and very well).

Accuweb Hosting is a good fit for small businesses and companies with less than 100 employees. Accuweb hosting packages start at $14/month which makes it one of the most affordable web hosts on this list.

What are Accuweb hosting plans?

Accuuhosting has four basic plans:

  • Starter,
  • Professional,
  • Business Hacker,
  • Pro Plus.

The starter plan starts at $14/month while the business hacker pro plus plan costs as high as $129/month (depending on your bandwidth needs). All AccuuHosting’s plans come with unlimited space and bandwidth. You can upgrade to dedicated IP addresses for an extra fee per month or year depending on what fits you best.

Remember that when choosing between shared IP address versus dedicated IP address, the price per month can be significantly different. Accuuhosting shared IP addresses cost $0/month while dedicated IPs cost as high as $30\month depending on what plan you are on and for how long (yearly or monthly basis).

The starter package offers just one pre-installed WordPress website that comes with a free domain name registration. The business hacker pro plus package also includes three WordPress websites along with unlimited email accounts and online storage space.

Accuweb hosting plans come in two types: Linux based servers and Windows based servers where each type has its own pros and cons. In general, we recommend using linux server web hosting because they have better performance than windows hosted sites but personal preference might dictate otherwise so we will not be able to say one is better than the other.

The AccuuHosting plans are quite flexible in that they come with unlimited domains, subdomains and parked pages (which can act as another domain ). You can add up to a total of 25 email accounts for each plan and Accuweb hosting’s control panel has an intuitive interface so you’ll find it easy do manage everything from your dashboard. The cPanel is similar to what most web hosts use nowadays but if you prefer simpler interfaces, Accuuhosting also offers Hepsia or Plesk which are both powerful yet simple enough for beginners dig their way around without trouble.

How much does Accuweb charge to move my site from another host? 

Accuweb does not charge anything for transferring your site from another host unless you are on their starter plan. Accuuhosting’s pro and business hacker plans start at $14/month, which means it will cost you a minimum of $20 to move from another hosting provider if Accuuhosting is the cheapest option as well.

Accuuhosting provides a free domain name, which means you don’t have to pay anything extra for that. Accuweb hosting’s plans come with unlimited domains and subdomains so if your site is not hosted on Accuweb (and does not have an existing domain), you can use AccuuHosting as your main host but still register the new sites under different domains at no additional cost.

What are AccuWeb Hosting features? 

Accuuhosting has all the essential features that you’ll find on most web hosts, including:

  • Unlimited domains and email accounts
  • Free domain with each plan
  • Cron jobs for auto backups of your files (no manual intervention required)

Accuweb hosting also offers several advanced features such as free SSL certificates. This is a great feature because it protects visitors from being victims of man in the middle attacks which are very common these days due to security breaches at other companies. These advanced options are only available through cPanel so if you choose Plesk or Hepsia instead, they might be not available depending on what apps AccuuHosting installed there.


Accuweb Hosting is a great web hosting provider for beginners who have no experience with setting up websites but are looking to do so. The company offers competitive prices, easy to use interface and most importantly: features that can help you grow your business without breaking the bank.  

We highly recommend AccuuHosting as it has delivered in all of our tests from domain registration services to email hosting.

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