Butterfly VPN [Review 2022]

ButterflyVPN is a service that provides you with secure internet connection. You can use ButterflyVPN on any device, anywhere in the world. This review will answer common questions about Butterfly VPN and provide information on how it works.

What is ButterflyVPN?

ButterflyVPN is a virtual private network that allows you to encrypt all your internet traffic and hide your IP address. ButterflyVPN service establishes an encrypted connection between its user device (PC, mobile phone or tablet) and the website Butterfly server. Anybody who intercepts this kind of data transmission will get totally useless information because Butterfly VPN creates secure tunnel between client’s computer and servers on the Internet.

Pricing ButterflyVPN

Signing Up First, you need to sign up for Butterfly VPN services: You can choose monthly payment plan with $12/mo price tag or make two-year commitment paying $100 upfront ($50 per year). After making payment via PayPal or credit card, you receive welcome email containing login details (account number + password). You can also choose to pay for ButterflyVPN with BitCoin.

Once you have login details, you need to install Butterfly VPN software. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices. After installation, open ButterflyVPN app and sign in using your account number + password.

Now your device is connected to ButterflyVPN network and all your traffic goes through encrypted tunnel. Your IP address is hidden and nobody can spy on your online activities.

What are the benefits of using ButterflyVPN?

  • Encryption of all traffic – Nobody can see what you are doing online;
  • Hiding of IP address – You can’t be tracked or identified;
  • Access to any website from anywhere in the world;
  • ButterflyVPN can be used on any device. No matter where you are, Butterfly VPN will protect your data and provide secure internet connection.

How to use ButterflyVPN? 

You need a reliable Internet connection (cellular or landline) with good bandwidth – the more stable connection, the better. Make sure that your mobile phone has enough battery power left in order to sustain several hours of uninterrupted communication between Butterfly servers and your computer/device; After installation is complete, run ButterflyVPN application and sign in using account number + password that was sent via email after payment.

ButterflyVPN client automatically finds best server in your area and connects to it. You can also connect Butterfly VPN manually (click on country flag icon). The number of servers is shown at the bottom left corner of application window; If you have unstable connection, Butterfly VPN will try to reconnect itself every few seconds until stable internet access is established.

How does ButterflyVPN protect my privacy?

In order to maintain high level of data protection, Butterfly’s engineers use strong encryption algorithm based on AES 256-bit key length. This means that even supercomputers can’t break ButterflyVPN encryption and steal your data. Your traffic is also protected with TLS/SSL protocol.

In addition to that, ButterflyVPN doesn’t keep any logs of user activities or connection metadata. We don’t track the websites you visit, the files you download or anything else. What you do online is nobody’s business but yours.

ButterflyVPN team understands how important privacy is for everybody who uses the service. That’s why we made sure that our software meets highest standards in terms of data protection and privacy.


ButterflyVPN is a reliable and affordable VPN service that provides security and privacy of your data. The software is easy to use and can be installed on any device. ButterflyVPN team takes pride in providing excellent customer service and protecting user data with strong encryption algorithms. We highly recommend ButterflyVPN for everybody who wants to stay safe and anonymous online.

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